My Scary Hair Adventure!

I have always been someone who likes to change up my hair a lot. I get bored with it easily. I started with highlights in 5th grade, then did a dark purple for years. My junior year of high school I had a bad blonde job done. Then I started dying my hair red. That was a favorite for a long time, and one I am sure I will go back to.

This week, I decide it was time for a change, once again. I missed that year of being blonde, but I learned that no stylist would risk damaging my hair to take it to the level of blonde that I desired. This lead me to doing it at home. I watched MANY YouTube videos, both successes and fails. I felt confident enough, and I have enough hair that I wasn't worried about some dying and breaking off (which it did).

~Now, this story is not just about bleaching hair. That turned out pretty decent. It is what happened after, that is the real story. Stay with me here.~

Back to the story... So I bleached my hair once, with L'Oreal Quick Blue and 30 volume developer (after using a color remover to get out the remaining red). It ended up a splotchy disaster and I honestly wasn't sure I would be able to fix it.

After letting it rest a day, I went in with a second round of bleach. It wasn't quite as blonde in every spot as I had liked, and the ends were terrible broken and dead. I had bleach on the ends previously, before going red. At this point, my hair was halfway down my back. I had been growing it out for years.

I decided that bleaching it a third time would be a bad idea, and decided to go in with the Wella T18 toner. My results were actually pretty good. There were some yellowish pieces still, but it all blended in really well. I was happy enough. The dead ends were too much though, and I went for a haircut. I'd say I lost a few inches in the process. I miss the length, but it really needed a trim.

Now on to the part you've all been waiting for...

I threw a small 4th of July get together at my house. I bought some sparklers and fountains, just simple things, for some firework fun. We were setting this off, just after dark, and I handed off what I thought was a fountain. It lit, and into the sky, an actual firework went off. Then another. I thought it was unexpected, but cool. Then, one shoots into the crowd. I head someone yell "It tipped over". I see them shooting towards us again, and start to run. Suddenly something hits me in the head and I can see flames. My hair was on fire. I pat it out quickly and then yelled to my brother. We went into the house to assess the damage. There was a huge char mark on my forehead. It burned like a horrible sunburn I had gotten a few summers ago, and everything smelt like burnt hair. It was disgusting. We put aloe vera on the spot, and then I went to bed. I could tell it wasn't serious and I didn't need a doctor, but the hair was going to take a loss.

The next day, I woke up to some hair on my pillow. It was a bit shocking, but not too much hair. I took a shower. I wanted to wait a day for the rawness to go away. Even after shampooing, it smelt of burnt hair. Once I had washed away all of the char, I could finally see the full damage.

There is a bald spot the size of a ping pong ball, and a small scab. Luckily, my hair had been in a bun that night, and so the affected hair was an under-layer. With my hair parted like normal, you can't see the spot. Thank goodness!

It could have been much, much worse. It was only inches from my eye. I'm not sure if the dryness of the bleached hair led to it catching fire, or if the slight dampness from the pool kept it from completely burning up. Either way, I am lucky. Though I now have anxiety when fireworks go off. Now you know about my adventurous week. Be safe. Fireworks can be dangerous.

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