Meet My Dogs: Sampson Edition

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Sampson has been with me since he was 3 months old. He was adopted from a local shelter after being left on the side of the road with his two sisters. The girls had been adopted already, probably because they had short brown fur, like a chocolate lab.

I had went to the shelter that day to just look. I walked through the whole place and was about to leave, when my friend asked what I thought about the puppy. I hadn't seen him. This little black fur ball was hiding in the corner of a dark cage.

I asked to see him. They carried him to me wrapped in a blanket. He was the sweetest thing and I was instantly in love. He had to be neutered, so it would be a week until I saw him again and was able to take him home.

Sam is my sweetheart. He won't eat until he knows his little brother has. This is a mistake on his part, because Charlie is a pig(Not literally. He's a dog.). I used to feed them separately, but Sampson would save his food all day to make sure Charlie got some. Now they eat together, but Sam waits until Charlie finishes before he eats. We have a smaller dog that isn't mine, and I've seen Sammy carry food over in his mouth and drop it in front of her so he makes sure she gets some. He's precious.

He's not a cuddly dog, probably due to the fact that he's always hot from being so furry. But when you are sad, he is the first to come make sure you are OK. He won't leave your side until he knows. He also waddles when he walks. He has always done this, and I thought it was because of being neutered at first. He never grew out of it. The vet says he is perfectly fine though. He just chooses to be a weirdo.

I am so happy the puppy hiding in the shadows of the shelter was pointed out to me, and that I was the one to be able to take him home.

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