Meet My Dogs: Charlie Edition

FINALLY, it is time to introduce you to my baby boy, Charlie. It is long overdue. This week we celebrated his 3rd birthday!

Charlie is the baby of the family and he knows it. He is a special boy who loves to carry around his blanky and sleeps with his head on a pillow like a person. Recently, he learned to get in the bed and now I can't get him to stop. He loves to cuddle, especially when he's tired. My boy can be whiny, but some "loves" quickly fix that.

Charlie is afraid of stairs, so now at 100lbs, we have to carry him down the stairs during bad weather. We have tried to train him over the years, but he is terrified of them. If you even walk towards him with the basement door open, he will dart away.

He is very smart and knows when someone is feeling stressed or sad, even if they don't realize it themselves. He always wants to help you feel better. His top lip is either very thin or doesn't exist, so his top front teeth are always showing. It is adorable. Charlie LOVES to eat, and has had to be put on a diet. I'm not sure he knows that he isn't a tiny puppy anymore.

I don't know why these pictures are janky, but they are from a time when he fell asleep while begging for my food.

I love both of my boys so much! I am currently working on a YouTube channel, so maybe I will be able to share more doggie adventures.

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