5 Surprising must-haves for your dorm

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

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With so many people I know getting ready to head off to college, I started thinking about what I brought with me, and what I wish I would have. A dorm is small and you have to be picky with what you bring with you. You will probably go home with more than you came with.

Most people don't think about needing to buy cleaning supplies for a dorm. I had a community bathroom that was cleaned for me. Despite that, your small room will get dirty. The floors in my room were tile. At the end of each semester, when we checked out to go home, we had to clean our rooms for inspection. For me, that meant renting a vacuum from the front desk and carrying it up to my room on the 4th floor. Our building had one elevator and it was for the disabled only. When I moved to my first apartment, I bought a Swiffer. Game changer. I wish I had one when I was cleaning those tiles in my dorm. They are way cheaper than buying a vacuum, and much lighter than carrying one. So, my first must-have for your dorm, and apartment, is a Swiffer.

I was in the marching band for a year in college and to survive to heat, I wore shorts. This meant I had to shave my legs often. Unfortunately, there were no lights inside the shower stalls. As I mentioned before, it was a community bathroom. Each stall had a door, with a stop to put your towel, and then there was a curtain to enter the actual shower. The light was in the towel area. I couldn't see if I was missing spots of hair. That is why I loved having my electric razor. It could be used wet or dry, so I could use it in a better lit area, or for a quick touch up if I didn't want to shower at that moment. I have been out of school for 4 years and I am still using it. That is a sound investment.

Okay, so this next one is a bit extra, and not really useful in a dorm (some dorms have shared kitchen spaces). If you have access to an oven, you might want to make brownies. College can be stressful and chocolate can help! I saw Rosanna Pansino review this on her YouTube channel. It is a brownie pan that makes every piece an edge, so everyone gets the crunchy edge! If you have a kitchen and want something a bit fun, this is for you.

This may seem silly to add to a list like this, but I practically lived off of Velveeta shells when I was in my dorm. All I had was a microwave to cook, and sometimes you just want comfort food. I often missed meal times because I had class and then band practice. This meant heading back to my room starving and not wanting to eat a granola bar for dinner. Velveeta shells are warm and creamy, and can be made in a dorm! For me, they are a must-have, for sure. I have seen these sold in grocery stores, the gas station, and even on Amazon. Have them shipped right to your dorm.

Alright, my last item may not be allowed in all dorms. It is a toaster oven/coffee pot/griddle tribrid. My dorm allowed coffee pots, but I am not sure about the oven. You can always use it in your future apartment, though. This machine lets you make a small pot of coffee, toast, and eggs at the same time. Or you could have tea, hot dog, and toasted buns. Besides being convenient, it is adorable! It comes in several colors and two sizes.

These 5 things will make your college life easier and a bit more fun. Now I am craving Velveeta shells! There will be a dorm/apartment essentials list and printable coming soon. Keep an eye out! Thanks so much for reading <3

Bonus items: If you are looking for decor, I have 5 inspirational art prints in my shop!

There is also a simple planner to keep you organized. They are only $5 each!

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